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Nadační fond Solovjevský
Nadačný fond Solovjevský
Благотворительный фонд Соловьeвский
The Soloviev´s Charitable Foundation

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Our mission

The Charitable Fund of protoiereus Vasily Soloviev sees its mission in the rebirth of the Orthodox spiritual and moral values and traditions through the realization and reconstruction project of old and construction of new objects of spiritual and cultural heritage, promoting and supporting the development of pilgrimage, missionary and other charitable activities, especially among young people.

The main objective of the Fund management will strive to achieve its targets under the plans of the mission, namely:

  • a) the financial and material support of the Orthodox Church in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (hereinafter "the OCCRSR") when carrying out repairs, reconstructions and constructions of objects and spiritual cultural heritage, temples, monasteries, monuments and places of remembrance, as well as museums, pilgrim centers and other objects of religious-spiritual, social and humanitarian direction,
  • b) the support of Orthodox Parish L'utina (hereinafter "OP L'utina"), Eparchy of Prešov, the OCCRSR, during the construction project of pilgrim center and a museum dedicated to its founder and first spiritual administrator protoiereus Vasily Soloviev.
  • c) financial and material support, particularly from the collection of OP Lutina´s believers when carrying out the total reconstruction and realization of landscaping the area around the Temple of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother in the village L'utina, further help with placing boards dedicated to the memory of its founder, the spiritual father Vasily Soloviev, as well as help with the reconstruction of his tomb at a cemetery in Prešov,
  • d) organization and assisting in the development of pilgrim tourism, especially among youth, exchange of delegations comprising representatives from the historical homeland of protoiereus Vasily Soloviev from village Ilemno, Solecki District, Novgorod region, Russian Federation, building and strengthening relationships through "cultural and spiritual bridge" Ilemno - L'utina,
  • e) organization and assistance with the preparation and realization of business meetings, seminars and thematic scientific conferences (including the international ones), with the participation of foreign guests,
  • f) organization, realization and support of sacred and folk music festivals, thematic exhibitions, fairs, auctions and various meetings, consultations under the profile of the Fund using modern media, Internet and radio telecommunications,
  • g) search for potential partners and sponsors among entrepreneurs from Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek and other foreign business companies and organizations, active cooperation in different directions of the Fund activities, help to develop and establish direct spiritual and cultural relationships,
  • h) production and distribution of items for religious purposes, publication of spiritual, historical and cultural literature, thematic brochures, leaflets, video, audio production, documentary movies and other themed advertising production,
  • i) cooperation with various religious organizations of Orthodox Church abroad, with charitable funds and organizations, as well as with volunteers and missionaries of Orthodox faith,
  • j) active cooperation with the media (newspapers, TV, radio) in order to present projects, plans and the results of the Fund activities.